NULS proactively gathers blockchain industry start-up ideas from all over the world.

Whether it's a small idea that can solve specific problems, or a big idea with disruptive potential,

Please send such ideas

The NULS Foundation supports all great blockchain-related ideas and insights - let’s build the future together!


Interested parties, please send your cover letter, resume to NULS at:


Native English Speaker - Remote Work - Ideally based in Europe or USA


•Monitor and respond to the community on our social media channels. Daily.

•Work closely with our PR & marketing manager to create new and engaging content.

•Respond to customer issues, comments and questions in a professional and timely manner.

•Share actionable insights from the community, with the team, to improve our services.

•Help organize community meet-ups and events. (Some travel required).

Experience Required:

•Experience in community management and/or a customer service role.

•Knowledge of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry.

•Experience with technical support across social media, email, forums and chat. You don't need to be a programer, just aware enough to understand an end-user's experience.

•Hands on experience with social media management.

Skill Requirements:

•Very strong written and verbal communications skills in English.

•Attention to detail (we hate grammer errors!) and an ability to multitask.

•Self-motivated, team player.

You may or may not have a degree! We are much more interested in your experience and abilities, and the energy you can bring to the role.

with your LinkedIn profile (your career history should be visible on LinkedIn). Please explain in your email, why you feel suitable for this role.

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Business Development

Job responsibilities:

1.Collaborate with marketing and development teams to devise targets and strategies to promote the growth of the NULS ecosystem.

2.Establish partnerships with other companies and projects and work on maintaining these solid partnerships.

3.Aim for perfection through feedback support on marketing and development strategies.

4.Conduct collaborative research work with universities or research institutes and organizations to promote the building of DAPPs on the NULS blockchain.

5.Attend important local gatherings and meetings; expand NULS' influence and attract more potential collaborators.

6.Engage in trade discussions with NULS' partners to increase the volume of trading on NULS.

Job requirements:

1.Must have more than 5 years working experience in a well-known technology or finance company.

2.Must be familiar with the investment industry or a related financial technology field and able to work closely with the team to jointly promote the NULS project construction.

3.Must possess a deep understanding or knowledge of business models and product use-cases.

4.The candidate should have effective and concise oral and written communication skills that can be used to deliver relevant information to a wide range of audiences from different professional, cultural and technological backgrounds.

5.Must be able to co-operate with a highly autonomous management team and co-ordinate work clearly with excellent communication standards.

6.Great research and project management skills are a must for any candidate.

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Job responsibilities:

1.Be responsible for the operation and maintenance of NULS' social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Candidate must be able to maintain and consolidate relationships with users on these sites. This role will also involve actively searching for online partners to increase the exposure of the NULS blockchain to attract more investors.

2.Integrate the community with new projects. Effectively, must be capable of marketing to major investment websites and be responsible for the planning and implementation of brand and product promotion. Should be able to tap into various promotional channels on the internet and formulate different promotional plans whilst carrying out effective analysis and optimal adjustments when necessary.

3.Formulate and implement SNS promotional plans on social media sites using catchy topic titles and showcase NULS’ products to attract investors.

4.Be responsible for market research channels and go beyond what is expected to explore new methods of promotion. Should establish word-of-mouth communication channels and be responsible for liaising with related channels, such as bloggers, social media, forum owners, YouTube channels, etc.

5.Weekly collection and analysis of operational data to increase user awareness and investor conversion rate.

6.Be responsible for maintaining good communication with the NULS project team to ensure promotions are suitably administered.

7.Collect, analyse and summarize market and industry information as well as information from competitors.

Job requirements:

1.Candidate must have two years of online PR related experience or promotion management experience.

2.Must hold familiarity with various news media websites, SNS community websites and related industry websites.

3.The individual must make full use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; effectively showcasing the best characteristics of many products within the NULS ecosystem. They should also have the ability to target specific users, plan and provide high-quality content and activities, and be able to understand public opinion.

4.Candidate needs to be familiar with advertorial design.

5.Event and market planning work experience is preferred.

6.Must have a strong passion for work, with excellent independent thinking skills and strong understanding for the necessity of successful task execution.

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